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During disasters or other emergency events St. Louis Metro ARES®/RACES may break up St. Louis City and County into "opertional zones". The zones are defined as:


The two primary reasons for breaking up St. Louis City and County into operational zones are:
  1. Span of Control - It is easier to manage a widespread disaster if it is handled in coordinated segments.
  2. Limits of Radio Propagation - After numerous simplex exercises and experiments it was found that 2 meter and 70 centimeter radio waves simply do not carry across all of the terrain covered by St. Louis City and County. Even the four-zone model we selected is not 100% perfect, but to divide the region into even smaller segments would make coordination virtually impossible. This is our best compromise solution.

Frequencies and Nomenclature:

The 2 meter simplex frequencies that will be used in the different zones are The "HVTac" naming convention is an extension of the Missouri ARES Interoperability Plan.

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