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Examples of field stations that other amateur radio operators have created

Rolling filebox comm center

Barry Goldblatt, WA5KXX, designed this station-in-a-file-box. Our team's own Steve Wooten, KC0QMU, built this comm center based on Barry's design.

Here are the plans (Adobe Acrobat format)1 courtesy of the Plano Amateur Radio Klub.

WA5KXX field station
The Box
The Box Portable emergency communications station ideas, by Steve Merrill, KB1DIG, and Kim Merrill, KB1GTR.

The Box field station
also known as "The Orange Box"

RACES-box Notes on building a portable self-powered communications station, by James Sandoz, N2MPT

Our team's Chuck Healy, W0CEH built this version of the RACES box based on the information found on the above Web site.

Grab and Go
Emergency Communications Station

Read the article by Joseph Lawrence, K9RFZ about his concept for a field station. There are lots of pictures of his interesting configuration.

K8RFZ field station

1 - Please see the "Software" section on the Resources page if you do not have software necessary to read these files.

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