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This page contains information about St. Louis Metro ARES® digital operations.

Digital operations manuals

2 meter digital activity

  • 2 meter packet mailbox/BBS:
    St. Louis Metro ARES® maintains a 2 meter packet mailbox/BBS. This packet system is a training tool and runs 24/7 for your convenience. If you have packet radio capabilities you are enouraged to sign in on a weekly basis.
    All amateur radio operators are welcome to participate.

screenshot of Hyperterminal

Digital Modes Used by or Under Review by
St. Louis Metro ARES®

  • APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System (under development)

  • MEPN - Missouri Emergency Packet Network (under development)


  • Packet

  • WinDRM (under development)

  • Winlink 2000 (under development)

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