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This page contains information about St. Louis Metro ARES® voice net operations.

Weekly 2 meter voice nets

  1. "Resource" practice net (check-in net):
    Information and radio tests.
    Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM local (Central) time on the 146.850 (-) repeater. Requires a CTCSS tone of 141.3 Hertz.

  2. "Message" practice session:
    A message is read over the air each week to give you an opportunity to practice copying formal traffic. Messages alternate between ARRL radiogram format and FEMA ICS-213 message format.
    This session follows immediately after the Resources net on same repeater.
    More details on the Message Practice Session
  • Primary repeater - 146.850 MHz (-) (141.3 Hz)
  • Secondary repeater - 146.910 MHz (-) (141.3 Hz)

Our thanks to the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club for its continuing support and for the use of these repeaters.

Weekly HF voice nets

St. Louis Metro ARES® does not have any regular HF nets at this time, but we do encourage participation in the following nets:
  • Missouri Emergency Services Net:
    This Missouri-wide net is not restricted to ARES® operations, and is open to any emergency communications needs. The practice net is held every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM on 3.963 MHz LSB.

1 - Please see the Software section of the Resources page if you do not have software necessary to read these files. © 2022 St. Louis Metro ARES®