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"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." - Earl Weaver

Under the ARRL's new strategic plan, ARES members now fall into three categories:

Level 1
This is the entry level for those new to ARES. Members at this level have one year to complete the training requirements needed to advance to Level 2. Members may not stay at Level 1 indefinitely.
(See "Further Details - 1" below)

Level 2
To qualify for this level, participants must complete the following courses:

All ARES served agencies require that all volunteers working for them complete the FEMA courses.
(See "Further Details - 2" below)

Level 3
This level of training prepares ARES participants to take on leadership positions such as EC, AEC, DEC, ADEC, SEC and ASEC, and other designated positions in the ARES program. To advance to Level 3, first complete all Level 2 requirements, and then take the following additional courses:

(See "Further Details - 3" below)

Further Details

1. The Missouri Section Manager and Section Emergency Coordinator have stated that the one year time limit for ARES Level 1 members to complete all training to become Level 2 members will not begin until the EC-001 course is readily available. Check with the St. Louis Metro ARES Emergency Coordinator or Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Training to see if this reauirement is in force yet.

2. All of the FEMA IS (Independent Study) courses can be taken online. Go to the FEMA Independent Study Web page, follow the instructions for obtaining a FEMA student ID, and then look through the IS Course List to find the course that you want to take. They are free and you can take them at your own pace.

The ARRL EC-001 and EC-016 courses can be taken online from the ARRL, but you must register first. One or both of the courses are sometimes taught locally. Both the online and local courses are free, but the course book is not. There is also an exam fee at the conclusion of the course. Check our calendar to see if there is a local class coming up soon.

The FEMA ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses are not part of the Independent Study series. They are live classes that require your attendance.

3. As of April 2019, the ARRL had not fully implemented all of the planned changes mentioned in its ARES Strategic Plan. Specifically, the latest EC-001 course had not yet been released, nor had several details about the EC-016 course. The Missouri Section Manager and Section Emergency Coordinator also had concerns about the ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses, as they are only occasionally taught by agencies in Missouri. Students would have to take several days off to attend the courses and may also have to travel quite a distance to the class location.

With those concerns in mind, the Missouri Section Manager and Section Emergency Coordinator have stated that ARES Level 2 candidates in Missouri need take the EC-001 course if available. ARES Level 3 candidates likewise need take the EC-016 course if available, and the ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses are recommended but not mandated..

Regardless of the Missouri Section adaptation, the St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management does still require the 20 ARES volunteers allowed access to the Emergency Operations Center to take the ICS-300 course.

Get your FEMA transcript

Once you have completed all of the FEMA courses needed to advance a Level, request that a copy of your transcript be emailed to you.

Request the official FEMA transcript at this email address: [email protected] Sending the below information.

Student Name (required):
Address (required):
City, State & Zip Code (required):
Phone Number:
Email Address (required):
Social Security Number OR FEMA Student ID (SID) (1 required):

Once you receive your transcript, forward a copy to Steve Wooten, the St. Louis Metro ARES Emergency Coordinator at [email protected].

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